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Project code(s): 'HTI-11/A/40093/R/13244','HTI-11/A/40340/R/14547','HTI-11/A/40346/R/123','HTI-11/CSS/40184/R/298','HTI-11/CSS/40192/R/122','HTI-11/CSS/40236/R/12874','HTI-11/CSS/40276/R/5767','HTI-11/CSS/40279/R/6027','HTI-11/CSS/40284/R/14615','HTI-11/CSS/40318/R/14471','HTI-11/CSS/40341/R/561','HTI-11/CSS/40342/R/12874','HTI-11/CSS/40350/R/6100','HTI-11/E/40272/R/5157','HTI-11/E/42272/R/5390','HTI-11/F/40329/R/561','HTI-11/H/40169/R/14610','HTI-11/H/40183/R/298','HTI-11/H/40194/R/122','HTI-11/H/40214/R/14471','HTI-11/H/40263/R/5536','HTI-11/H/40269/R/124','HTI-11/H/40270/R/6758','HTI-11/H/40298/R/13895','HTI-11/H/40301/R/5585','HTI-11/H/40310/R/8649','HTI-11/H/40321/R/5586','HTI-11/H/40324/R/6079','HTI-11/H/40326/R/13934','HTI-11/H/40331/R/14561','HTI-11/H/40358/R/14622','HTI-11/H/40358/R/14622','HTI-11/H/40375/R/13790','HTI-11/H/40379/R/1171','HTI-11/H/40381/R/8767','HTI-11/H/40383/R/8772','HTI-11/SNYS/40781/R/124','HTI-11/WS/38236/R/8498','HTI-11/WS/38242/R/298','HTI-11/WS/39841/R/13790','HTI-11/WS/39851/R/14527','HTI-11/WS/39851/R/6971','HTI-11/WS/40191/R/122','HTI-11/WS/40203/R/8498','HTI-11/WS/40208/R/5186','HTI-11/WS/40209/R/5162','HTI-11/WS/40210/R/14471','HTI-11/WS/40215/R/8502','HTI-11/WS/40231/R/13282','HTI-11/WS/40240/R/6079','HTI-11/WS/40244/R/5167','HTI-11/WS/40248/R/5861','HTI-11/WS/40256/R/5527','HTI-11/WS/40262/R/5179','HTI-11/WS/40266/R/124','HTI-11/WS/40278/R/13935','HTI-11/WS/40281/R/8649','HTI-11/WS/40282/R/5633','HTI-11/WS/40288/R/8649','HTI-11/WS/40292/R/5349','HTI-11/WS/40293/R/13819','HTI-11/WS/40295/R/14469','HTI-11/WS/40297/R/8058','HTI-11/WS/40303/R/6458','HTI-11/WS/40304/R/5186','HTI-11/WS/40305/R/5120','HTI-11/WS/40309/R/12721','HTI-11/WS/40322/R/7790','HTI-11/WS/40325/R/6458','HTI-11/WS/40328/R/13934','HTI-11/WS/40344/R/13934','HTI-11/WS/40356/R/6116','HTI-11/WS/40357/R/5120','HTI-11/WS/40376/R/13790','HTI-11/WS/40885/R/776','HTI-11/WS/40886/R/7039',' '
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Response Plan/Appeal title
Recipient Organization
Cluster (Country specific)
Project code
Project title
Emergency year
Project original request
Project current request
USD committed/contributed
% Funding coverage
USD pledged

Haiti 2011ACT Alliance / Finn Church AidEDUCATIONHTI-11/E/42272/R/5390Cholera prevention in schools, Les Palmes Region2011 300,000 0% HIGH
Haiti 2011ACT Alliance / Norwegian Church AidWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40256/R/5527CHOLERA RESPONSE / Improving Public Health of population in camps, schools and cholera affected rural areas 20112,782,000555,000555,000100% NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011Action Contre la FaimWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40208/R/5186CHOLERA RESPONSE / Emergency response to cholera outbreak in Artibonite, Nord Ouest and Ouest departments, Haiti20113,630,0004,843,3334,283,33388% HIGH
Haiti 2011Action Contre la FaimWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40304/R/5186CHOLERA RESPONSE / Sensitization of the population on cholera and prevention measures2011100,000    HIGH
Haiti 2011Action Secours AmbulanceWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40210/R/14471CHOLERA RESPONSE / Réponse et Contrôle de l'épidémie de cholera dans le département de l'Ouest, l'Artibonite et de Port de Paix2011813,950793,950 0% HIGH
Haiti 2011Action Secours AmbulanceCAMP COORDINATION AND CAMP MANAGEMENT (CCCM)HTI-11/CSS/40318/R/14471CHOLERA RESPONSE / Assurer la gestion des besoins dans les camps et renforcer les dispositions de controle de l'epidemie de cholera dans le departement de l'Ouest 201185,639235,689 0% HIGH
Haiti 2011Action Secours AmbulanceHEALTHHTI-11/H/40214/R/14471-CHOLERA RESPONSE / Reponse et Controle de l'epidemie de cholera dans le departement de l'Ouest et l'Artibonite2011550,945493,945 0% HIGH
Haiti 2011Agency for Technical Cooperation and DevelopmentWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40303/R/6458CHOLERA RESPONSE / Emergency WASH Intervention in response and prevention to cholera outbreaks20114,000,0002,000,0001,943,21697% HIGH
Haiti 2011Agency for Technical Cooperation and DevelopmentHEALTHHTI-11/WS/40325/R/6458CHOLERA RESPONSE / Emergency WASH Intervention in Community Health Care Center2011300,000152,071147,92997% HIGH
Haiti 2011America Continental 2000AGRICULTUREHTI-11/A/40093/R/13244CHOLERA RESPONSE / Awareness and actions to protect farmers in the Central Plateau against the outbreak of Cholera2011765,000417,000 0% HIGH
Haiti 2011American Institutes for ResearchWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40293/R/13819CHOLERA RESPONSE / Hygiene Promotion at Earthquake affected schools [WITHDRAWN]2011255,065    NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011American Refugee CommitteeHEALTHHTI-11/H/40321/R/5586CHOLERA RESPONSE / Establishment and Operation of the Cholera Treatment Unit in Terrain Acra IDP Camp and Delmas 30 & 32 [WITHDRAWN]2011714,780 714,780  NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011CARE USAHEALTHHTI-11/H/40301/R/5585CHOLERA RESPONSE / CARE Haiti: Emergency Cholera Awareness, Prevention and Response Initiatives in Earthquake and Cholera-Affected Areas of Haiti 20114,309,212985,481985,481100% NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011Concern WorldwideWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40203/R/8498CHOLERA RESPONSE / Concern Haiti Cholera Response Project 20113,306,7861,500,2691,984,365132% NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011Concern WorldwideWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/38236/R/8498Cholera response and transitioning from Camps to Neighbourhoods with sites of Difficult disengagement (WFFCN)20112,800,000687,397 0% HIGH
Haiti 2011Cooperazione Internazionale - COOPIWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40244/R/5167CHOLERA RESPONSE 20111,800,000559,948731,901131% NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011Deep Springs InternationalWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40231/R/13282CHOLERA RESPONSE / Household Chlorination at National Scale [WITHDRAWN]2011935,000    NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011Feed the ChildrenWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40281/R/8649CHOLERA RESPONSE / community based cholera response in the community of Carrefour [WITHDRAWN]2011449,052    NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011Feed the ChildrenWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40288/R/8649CHOLERA RESPONSE / School-Based Cholera Prevention in the Carrefour Area [WITHDRAWN]2011626,322    NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011Feed the ChildrenHEALTHHTI-11/H/40310/R/8649CHOLERA RESPONSE / CTC implementation in the commune of Carrefour [WITHDRAWN]2011981,000    NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011FHED-INCHEALTHHTI-11/H/40375/R/13790Cholera Prevention and Reduction in Bristout & Bobin Camps Peguy-Ville, Port-Au-Prince2011220,000220,000 0% HIGH
Haiti 2011FHED-INCWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/39841/R/13790CHOLERA RESPONSE / Continue to Provide 11000 Bio Sands Water Filters to Prevent the Spread of Cholera and Endemic Diseases in The Upper North East areas of Carice, Mombin Crochu, Mont Organisé, Perches, and Vallières [WITHDRAWN]20113,060,300    NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011FHED-INCWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40376/R/13790CHOLERA RESPONSE / Prevention of Cholera in 80 Voodoo Temples in Léogane, Bristout/Bobin camps in Peguy -Ville, and Valheureux in the Lower Artibonite [WITHDRAWN]2011373,300    NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011Food & Agriculture Organization of the United NationsAGRICULTUREHTI-11/A/40346/R/123CHOLERA RESPONSE / Support to Farmers affected by the Cholera outbreak in Irrigated areas of Artibonite as well as affected areas in Centre, Ouest , Sud, Sud.est, Grande Anse and Nord Ouest Departments20113,000,0001,250,000512,57941% HIGH
Haiti 2011GOALWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40322/R/7790CHOLERA RESPONSE / IEC and pre-positioning on cholera response kits 2011174,120174,120174,120100% NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011Haiti ParticipativeHEALTHHTI-11/H/40326/R/13934CHOLERA RESPONSE / Cholera Treatment Center (CTC) and Community Support20111,373,124241,320 0% HIGH
Haiti 2011Haiti ParticipativeWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40328/R/13934CHOLERA RESPONSE / Zero Cholera Caravane [WITHDRAWN]2011684,162    NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011Haiti ParticipativeWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40344/R/13934CHOLERA RESPONSE / Sensitization against Cholera in Schools - Pilot [WITHDRAWN]2011266,121    NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011Handicap InternationalWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40292/R/5349CHOLERA RESPONSE / Rapid response for the most vulnerable persons and their families 2011592,000595,859595,859100% NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011HelpAge InternationalHEALTHHTI-11/H/40263/R/5536CHOLERA RESPONSE / HelpAge International Cholera Response Appeal [WITHDRAWN]2011148,000    NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011Inter AideHEALTHHTI-11/H/40270/R/6758CHOLERA RESPONSE / Support to community health networks to adress the cholera epidemics in the Cahos mountains (5eme section Perodin and 6eme Medor of Petite Rivière de l'Artibonite) [WITHDRAWN]201133,300    NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011International ActionWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40278/R/13935CHOLERA RESPONSE / International Action's Clean Water Campaign against Cholera [WITHDRAWN]20111,000,000    NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011International Emergency and Development AidPROTECTIONHTI-11/CSS/40236/R/12874CHOLERA RESPONSE / Youth, Cholera and the Media in cholera affected areas including the vulnerable people living in 14 IDP camps [WITHDRAWN]2011500,000    NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011International Emergency and Development AidCAMP COORDINATION AND CAMP MANAGEMENT (CCCM)HTI-11/CSS/40342/R/12874Provision of Basic Wash Response to fill gaps in camps managed by IEDA Relief and community where no partner or durable solution exists20111,902,853438,364 0% HIGH
Haiti 2011International Medical Assistance TeamHEALTHHTI-11/CSS/40284/R/14615CHOLERA RESPONSE / IMAT Mobile Medical Teams [WITHDRAWN]2011477,000    NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011International Organization for MigrationCAMP COORDINATION AND CAMP MANAGEMENT (CCCM)HTI-11/CSS/40184/R/298CHOLERA RESPONSE / Support to Cholera Prevention and Containment201114,096,9067,119,7017,119,701100% NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011International Organization for MigrationHEALTHHTI-11/H/40183/R/298CHOLERA RESPONSE / Cholera Response Project 20111,012,0001,012,0001,012,000100% NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011International Organization for MigrationWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/38242/R/298CHOLERA RESPONSE / Provision of transitional WASH Services to reduce public health risk in earthquake and cholera affected areas201118,631,39710,027,0007,330,85773% HIGH
Haiti 2011International Relief and DevelopmentWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40248/R/5861CHOLERA RESPONSE / IRD Emergency Cholera Response in Artibonite [WITHDRAWN]20113,360,000    NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011International Rescue CommitteeWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40262/R/5179CHOLERA RESPONSE / Cholera Prevention in Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps and surrounding areas [WITHDRAWN]20111,152,817 492,583  NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011Internews EuropeCOORDINATION AND SUPPORT SERVICESHTI-11/CSS/40350/R/6100CHOLERA RESPONSE / Evaluation of cholera public information campaigns in Port-au-Prince and Artibonite2011193,282120,993 0% HIGH
Haiti 2011Islamic Relief WorldwideWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40297/R/8058CHOLERA RESPONSE / Hygiene Promotion [WITHDRAWN]2011558,797    NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011Materials Management Relief Corps.HEALTHHTI-11/H/40358/R/14622CHOLERA RESPONSE / Critical Supply And Medical Personnel Transport201140,00040,000 0% HIGH
Haiti 2011Médecins du Monde CanadaHEALTHHTI-11/H/40381/R/8767CHOLERA RESPONSE / Commune Delmas, Port au Prince 2011937,6001,395,1551,395,155100% NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011Médecins du Monde FranceHEALTHHTI-11/H/40383/R/8772CHOLERA RESPONSE / Reponse Epidemie de Cholera Departements de L’ouest et de la Grande Anse20111,812,3451,812,3451,897,906105% HIGH
Haiti 2011Medicos del Mundo ArgentinaHEALTHHTI-11/H/40169/R/14610Combattre l’Epidemie de cholera en Haiti: “Renforcer la stratégie promotionnelle de santé et de vigilance de la santé communautaire en combattant le choléra dans les communautés paysannes de Mirebalais et de Lascahobas, dans le Département du Centre’’ 2011200,000100,000 0% HIGH
Haiti 2011Mercy Corps WATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40209/R/5162CHOLERA RESPONSE / Cholera Response for Vulnerable People in Camps in Petion-Ville and Tabarre, Haiti 2011199,483199,483199,483100% NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011Organisation pour l'encadrement des démunis d'HaitiHEALTHHTI-11/H/40331/R/14561CHOLERA RESPONSE / Formation, Sensibilisation et Distribution de kits hygiéniques aux gens contre le cholera201175,00063,000 0% HIGH
Haiti 2011OXFAM GBWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40305/R/5120CHOLERA RESPONSE / Cholera Response Project 20111,500,0001,500,0001,500,000100% NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011OXFAM GBPROTECTIONHTI-11/WS/40357/R/5120CHOLERA RESPONSE 20111,500,0001,500,0001,500,000100% NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011OXFAM QuebecWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40309/R/12721CHOLERA RESPONSE / Réponse d’urgence au choléra en Haïti 20111,000,000535,540535,540100% HIGH
Haiti 2011Pharmaciens et Aide humanitaireHEALTHHTI-11/H/40298/R/13895CHOLERA RESPONSE / Strenghtening of 5 Haïtian departments aimed at improving the availibility and management of cholera-related pharmaceuticals and disposables20111,940,980499,262 0% HIGH
Haiti 2011Premiere UrgenceCAMP COORDINATION AND CAMP MANAGEMENT (CCCM)HTI-11/CSS/40279/R/6027CHOLERA RESPONSE / Prévenir la propagation d’une épidémie de choléra sur les zones défavorisées de Martissant 8ème section et les sites de regroupement de Fontamara 9ème section.2011495,000495,000 0% HIGH
Haiti 2011Production Agro-Animale pour le Développement Intégré d'HaitiAGRICULTUREHTI-11/A/40340/R/14547CHOLERA RESPONSE / Awareness and actions to protect people and farmers in Artibonite against the Cholera epidemics.2011185,000185,000 0% HIGH
Haiti 2011Relief InternationalWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/39851/R/6971CHOLERA RESPONSE / Assainissement de l'eau et distribution de l'eau potable dans le camps de Delmas 33, rue Kawas [WITHDRAWN]2011343,971    NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011Samaritan's PurseWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40356/R/6116CHOLERA RESPONSE / WASH Emergency Cholera Mitigation 20113,205,4002,869,4312,869,431100% NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011Save the Children WATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40240/R/6079CHOLERA RESPONSE / Save the Children WASH20112,100,0002,100,0001,893,21390% HIGH
Haiti 2011Save the Children HEALTHHTI-11/H/40324/R/6079CHOLERA RESPONSE / Health20111,900,0001,700,0001,675,80199% HIGH
Haiti 2011Solidarités InternationalWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40282/R/5633CHOLERA RESPONSE / Emergency response to the cholera outbreak in the metropolitan area of Port au Prince20115,053,3442,645,3762,645,376100% NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011Sustainable Organic Integrated LivelihoodsWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40295/R/14469CHOLERA RESPONSE / Emergency Hygiene Promotion and Sanitation Sevices [WITHDRAWN]20112,325,775    NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011TEARFUNDEDUCATIONHTI-11/E/40272/R/5157CHOLERA RESPONSE / Cholera Response in Rural Areas of Leogane and Gressier [WITHDRAWN]201148,000    NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011United Nations Children's FundHEALTHHTI-11/H/40269/R/124CHOLERA RESPONSE / Child Health 20115,808,34117,747,93617,747,936100% NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011United Nations Children's FundCLUSTER NOT YET SPECIFIEDHTI-11/SNYS/40781/R/124CHOLERA RESPONSE / Awaiting allocation to specific project/sector2011     NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011United Nations Children's FundWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40266/R/124CHOLERA RESPONSE / Water, Sanitation and Hygiene 201119,418,56612,365,8466,362,77951% HIGH
Haiti 2011United Nations Development ProgrammeWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40885/R/776CHOLERA RESPONSE / Improved Sanitation and Increased Employment in Cap Haitien2011 651,491651,491100% HIGH
Haiti 2011United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT)WATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40886/R/7039CHOLERA RESPONSE / Community-based Response to Cholera2011 261,292261,292100% HIGH
Haiti 2011United Nations Office for Project ServicesCAMP COORDINATION AND CAMP MANAGEMENT (CCCM)HTI-11/CSS/40276/R/5767CHOLERA RESPONSE / Immediate life saving information and critical watsan mitigation works in camps and neighborhoods affected by the cholera in Haiti20112,882,6142,979,2942,979,294100% NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011United Nations Population FundHEALTHHTI-11/H/40379/R/1171CHOLERA RESPONSE / Reinforcing Reproductive Health Care Services to Diminish the Impact of Hurricane Tomas in the spread of cholera and its effects on pregnant women, PMTC and PLWHIV [WITHDRAWN]201111,206,800    NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011Urbanisation et Aide Technique ExpérimentaleWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/39851/R/14527CHOLERA RESPONSE / Assainissement de l'eau et distribution de l'eau potable dans le camps de Delmas 33, rue Kawas [WITHDRAWN]20111,841,125    NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011World Food ProgrammeLOGISTICSHTI-11/CSS/40341/R/561CHOLERA RESPONSE / Logistics Augmentation and Cluster Coordination for Cholera Outbreak Response 20116,500,0002,497,8602,497,860100% NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011World Food ProgrammeFOOD AIDHTI-11/F/40329/R/561 CHOLERA RESPONSE / Food Assistance in Response to Cholera Outbreak2011     HIGH
Haiti 2011World Health OrganizationHEALTHHTI-11/H/40194/R/122CHOLERA RESPONSE / Implementation of the National Cholera Response Plan 201116,628,65616,069,59816,069,598100% NOT SPECIFIED
Haiti 2011World Health OrganizationHEALTHHTI-11/CSS/40192/R/122CHOLERA RESPONSE / Coordination of Cholera Services for the Affected Population in Haiti 2011635,580321,000635,580198% HIGH
Haiti 2011World Health OrganizationHEALTHHTI-11/WS/40191/R/122CHOLERA RESPONSE / Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Health20113,531,0001,765,500 0% HIGH
Haiti 2011World Vision InternationalWATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENEHTI-11/WS/40215/R/8502CHOLERA RESPONSE / Cholera Prevention and Response Project 20111,916,0912,374,3012,374,301100% NOT SPECIFIED

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