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Pooled Funds 2013

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The pooled funds section of the Financial Tracking Service (FTS) is dedicated to collecting, compiling and publishing real-time information on funding to and from the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), Common Humanitarian Funds (CHF) and Emergency Response Funds (ERF). The reports included in this section provide the general public with selected funding information on donor funding to these funds, as well as allocations made by these funds to humanitarian organizations. Furthermore, these reports place the CERF, CHF and ERF funding information in the context of all other global humanitarian funding captured by FTS.
Global Overview

Central Emergency Response Fund

Common Humanitarian Funds (CHFs): Funding and Allocations

Emergency Response Funds (ERFs): Funding and Allocations

Definitions and data standards
Please Note:
These reports are limited to key funding information that can be easily absorbed by non-technical audiences and, therefore, only include information on funding to and allocations from these funds. Information on other income or expenditures from these funds, such as administrative fees, interest, bank fees, cost recoveries, etc., exceeds the scope of FTS and is not included.

Furthermore, these reports reflect the allocations from a programmatic perspective, as allocated by fund managers, and do not track or reflect disbursements of these allocations from a financial perspective. As such, these reports serve as an approximate indication of humanitarian funding flows in real-time and do not reflect certified financial data.

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